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As Dust Jacket let Blue Shimmer show the way around the confusing array of houses of Ponyville the two come across a charming little cottage down by the wheat fields, it wasn’t a large cottage nor was it a small cheep place, the smell of fresh toiled lands hit Dust’s nose as they walked down a cobbled path.
"Here it is, home sweet home." Blue was looking forward instead upon him now, a gentle breeze swaying through her multicolored mane and ruffling his own.
"So, this is where you live? … It’s charming." Dusts green eyes swept the landscape. He had been memorizing the way to her home with ease, and quickly realized that she lived closer to him than he thought.

"Do come in, I want to thank you for helping me with some of my special home baked oat biscuits and a cup of tea." She smiled at him, the invitation there as she gently pressed upon the blue door that opened wide into a small lobby and access to the upstairs of the house.


Sorry about the long wait for this update.

But have detailed backgrounds for free! And hugs, everyone loves huggles.


About a week back I hit 3000 followers and I just couldn’t let that pass without a little celebration! Thank you all so so much for following this blog and remaining patient with me, I never once imagined this blog would get this ridiculously popular!

To properly thank you all I’m hosting a giveaway. I’m afraid that with my schedule I can’t give out more than one price, but I’ll make it a nice one! The winner of this giveaway will win one full paint (with simple background) commission!  In order to find out what to do to win this giveaway, see below. 


-You can only enter once

-Like and reblog this post in order to enter

-You don’t have to follow me, but I would very much appreciate it <3

- The contest will end on the 13th of October 2014

For any questions you might have about the giveaway, please go to my modblog! I’ll answer everything on there ^^

notagoodusername360 asked:

Mayfly, you DO realize part of the changeling MO is to ABDUCT those that they impersonate, right? And it doesn't take a genius to guess what happens if a changeling can't find a suitable hiding place and needs to ensure that their mark permanently disappears... If they're sentient enough for communication, why do they resort to immoral and unethical actions with no ATTEMPT to actually EARN the love they desire?


"I’m going to try to make this as simple as possible.

Changelings feed on love. Ponies fear changelings, so changelings can’t openly feed on love from ponies, they have to disguise themselves as a pony’s loved one in order to feed. They have to kidnap the pony they mimic so they aren’t discovered. They have to do this to survive, because if they are discovered not only does their food source stop, but they can be captured and cut off from their hive and all food sources entirely.

When you think about it, it’s not their faults that they have to do this. The fears ponies have for them forces them to do this. The moment a pony hears ‘They feed on your love’, the first reaction is usually fear. So food is already scarce enough as is, they are starving, they don’t have time to negotiate and ponies wont trust them anyways.

They only become violent and dangerous when they have no other choice, just like a bee and its stinger! Everything they do is to survive!”
















We had Pet shaming….and Pokemon shaming….

Now I bring you  PONY shaming!

Starting off with a Snow Shame post!!

*jumps on the bandwagon of horse shaming*

awwwww yeah!<3

everyone hop the ponyshaming bandwagon woo

**yay bandwagon!!**

Grace: They don’t like it, then they should pay more attention to me

**yes I’m going to reblog EVERY ADDITION!!**

Gosh there’s a bunch of them~

*casually throws in canon pony*

**this one made me snort giggle*

Mod: Because he can be a bad Pen sometimes…

Art by Snow

This sign was made using stolen stationary.

Pearl: He wasn’t evil…*grumbles* or tyrannical…

Tech, NO.

Shai NI: That is not shaming, that is bragging.

(Art by TechnoMod)

SI just had to join, I could only imagine Shifter / Dust making her stand like this.

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