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I support the big sexy, Drawn by me via mouse :D 

As a Victim of Rape myself, I have enough to say my own opinion. Yes my experience has scarred me for life, enough not to trust any male near me. I cant walk out side the house without my phone constantly being on 99, as a just in case I need to push that extra 9 (English Police).  I have been bullied constantly because it was made known by the local newspaper that I was raped. More than just bullies, I was tormented so much that I’ve had three major bones broken and several teeth knocked out. 

When I first found Ask Princess Molestia I was just amused of the little jokes of the princess of the realm getting her ‘needs’ done. Over time I’ve come to actually -LOVE- Molestia and Gamer Luna, she’s helped me actually leave my past by and actually laugh at the jokes in the blog.  

I cant imagine my daily life without constantly checking Tumblr to see if the blog has something new. 

Say what you want, but that is my opinion. Fucking Deal with it.


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    Good for you you found a way to help yourself and if anyone says it’s a stupid way to do it they are wrong good job
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    Again the whole “Im not offended by it so its al right!” Arguement
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    I see what you’re saying, but not everyone who has had sexual abuse has gotten over it. Some people may have found her...
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    Big and sexy
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    I support the royal tush yo PRINCESS MOLESTIA FO LIFE HOMIES YAY DAWG
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